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Military Bowling Championships

Active Duty/Vets - 125

Retired - 106

Senior Retired - 81

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We are very excited to have all 3 divisions bowling together under the same roof! We can accomplish that at South Point because they have 2 bowling venues, the 60-lane Plaza and the 64-lane Bowling Center. Several years ago we added an additional day for both Retired Divisions. Since many players were scheduled to bowl on the last day, it made their trip too long to come in early for the Sunday Sweeper.

Again this year we added another day to both Retired divisions which makes the week even longer for many. But by moving the Sunday Sweeper to Wednesday, now all players can bowl the Sweeper if they choose without having to add days to their trip. Summary of changes for 2020:

  • Welcome Roto Grip - the new Presenting Sponsor
  • Active Duty/Vets division will bowl in the Bowling Center
  • Both Retired divisions will bowl in the Plaza
  • $170 entry fee is the 1st entry fee raise in 30 years
  • Sunday Retired & Senior Retired Sweeper moved to Wednesday
  • New Military Bowling Championships logo

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