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Military Bowling Championships

Active Duty/Vets - 37

Retired - 52

Senior Retired - 48

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2021 January Military Bowling Championships Has Been Cancelled due to COVID

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2020 MBC Final Standings have been posted, Click Here For Results

Growing & moving leads to a change of plans....

Active Duty & Vets Division - South Point Bowling Center
Sunday, January 19 - Thursday, January 23
**Opening Sweeper Sunday, January 19

Retired & Senior Retired Divisions - South Point Plaza
Sunday, January 19 - Saturday, January 25
**Opening Sweeper moved to Wednesday, January 22

Greetings from Las Vegas!

In a previous email, it was announced that all divisions were moving to South Point Hotel, Casino, Bowing Center and Plaza. South Point is extremely excited to host the event and is looking forward to welcoming thousands of military participants and their guests from around the world!

South Point boasts 2 bowling venues, the 64-lane Bowling Center and their 60-lane Plaza, home of this year's USBC Open Championships, separate facilities but all under the same roof.

It is official now that the Retired & Senior Retired divisions will bowl in the Plaza and the Active Duty & Vets division will bowl in the Bowling Center.

There are other changes on the horizon for 2020 including an increase in the basic entry fee from $160 to $170.

Other than the change in venues, perhaps the largest change will be the actual tournament schedule as it won't resemble what players have come to expect for past years. Several years ago when we added "Friday" to the Retired and Senior Retired Divisions, we learned that many players were unhappy that they would miss the Sunday Sweeper because their week was now too long.

And since we must add another day this year, Saturday, 96 teams will be bowling late in the week. So by moving the traditional Sunday Sweeper to mid-week Wednesday, now all contestants have the opportunity to bowl the Sweeper if they choose.

By starting the main event on Sunday, teams will have choice of bowling their 3 events Sunday, Monday & Tuesday or Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

The full brochure will be available in end of May and at that time we will start accepting reservations. As always, first-come, first-served for squad times so we recommend not making travel plans until receiving squad time confirmation.

The 63rd annual January Military Bowling Championships - all hosted by South Point

For the first time in 17 years – all 3 divisions of the Military Bowling Championships will bowl under one roof!

Starting in 2020, South Point Hotel, Casino - and its 2 bowling venues – will host the 63rd annual January Military Bowling Championships! The dates are January 19 to 25.

This past year, the Active Duty & Vets divisions got their first look at South Point and the event was an enormous success with their largest turnout ever! That division will again bowl in the South Point Plaza, home of the USBC Open Championships, and the 2 Retired Divisions will bowl in the 64-lane South Point Bowling Center on the same dates.

Along with a brand new logo for the event, the schedule will also change as well. Watch for the new brochure in late April before you make your travel plans.

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