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Military Bowling Championships

Active Duty/Vets - 76

Retired - 73

Senior Retired - 64

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South Point will host the 64th Annual Military Bowling Chapionship in 2021. The 64 lane Bowling center will host the Active Duty/Veterans Division and the 60 lane Plaza will host will host the Retired and Senior Retired Divisions.

You asked for it and you got it!

New Retired & Senior Retired times leads to fresh oil for each squad and No 8 AM squads!

COVID19 Causes Changes to MBC

First and foremost, our sincere sympathies and condolences go to those families who were drastically affected by the worldwide pandemic.

The entire world has been affected to some degree and the MBC is no exception. There will be certain items that are out of our control, as we will meet criteria set forth by local and national government. As of this May 10 writing, we are still trying to determine when and how the Las Vegas properties will open and to what extent. Because of so many unknown factors there will be some necessary changes to the 2021 Military Bowling Championships format. These changes will allow us to make revisions, if needed, once we learn what the properties will accommodate.

And because of the unknown, we feel it is best to have the least amount of changes so the schedule will have the Retired & Senior Retired Divisions once again in the Plaza and the Active Duty & Vets division in the Bowling Center. As you can see, the amount of days were trimmed in all divisions.

If your team isn’t coming this year but you or several team members would still like to come, let us know and we will definitely form a team for you.

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