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In February of 2004, over 350 players met to discuss the future of the event. A tournament committee was formed from players who have been regulars at the tournament for many years.  It was decided to form a partnership with High Roller to help coordinate and stage the annual event.

Since that eventful meeting, our tournament has experienced a revitalization which has resulted in a continued growth that posted a record number of team entries and bowlers in 2013.  We continue marketing our tournament to active and retired military communities with the hope of reaching all our bowling friends to join us for a fun reunion that is centered around bowling in Las Vegas.

In 2013, a new division was created for Active Duty and Vets with an Honorable Discharge to bowl together. This change is only for the Active Duty Division at Orleans, not the Retired or Senior divisions. This will accomplish the following goal immediately: We can welcome back those that supported the Active Duty division but have left the service. They have not retired so there has not been a place for them to bowl. We feel very confident that this “fix” will strengthen the division yet still provide the camaraderie and reunion atmosphere that MBC contestants have grown to look forward to!

Contact Information

High Roller
Gold Coast Hotel
Gold Coast Casino Coming Soon!
The Orleans Hotel
The Orleans Casino Coming Soon!

Committee Members

Active Duty/Vets
  • Jed Davis
  • Jeff Norton
  • Anthony Schmidt
  • Kathy Brown
  • Danny Butcher
  • John Childers
  • Jim Cruz
  • Jerry Gavin
  • David Greene
  • Tom Harlow
  • Max & Dottie McIlrath
  • Ron Mercer
  • Norm Palomares
  • Tony Szeluga
High Roller Advisor
  • Brad Edelman
Storm Advisor
  • Dave Symes



To reunite all US military (active duty, retired, and DOD civilian) bowlers in camaraderie and Esprit de Corps.

  • Conduct an annual bowling tournament
  • Encourage growth by marketing to the military/retired military communities
  • Ensure fair and consistent lane conditions for the competition
  • Minimize cost to participants while providing a comfortable venue
  • Maximize prize fund distribution to as many participants based on entries
  • Promote an atmosphere for friends and teams to bowl with/next to each other

To develop, decide and deliver a tournament using integrity, commitment, innovation and teamwork that maintains tradition and keeps in the forefront this is a tournament "of our bowlers", "by our bowlers" and "for our bowlers".

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